Monday, August 15, 2011

There is so Much to Learn From Our Calendar.

It is a new school year and I am so excited to get to know all the children and watch them grow and learn.  We have a meeting every morning in front of our calendar board.  This is a focal point of our classroom because so much learning goes on involving our calendar board.

Each day the children answer a Yes/No question.  This is a great activity because there is no right or wrong answer.  It is also a good way to begin teaching simple graphs to children.  Some examples of questions might be,  "Are you wearing anything red today",  Did you brush your teeth this morning", and "Do you like carrots".  I place the clips with their names on the appropriate side of the graph. After each child has answered the question, we count the answers on both sides.  This gives the children a good feel for more and less.  

 We also do a weather journal every day.  The example of the journal is also a part of the calendar board.  Some other skills we hit on are odd and even numbers, and place value.

We discuss time, money, and do many forms of counting, even counting backward To see how many days we have left in the school year.  One of the first discussions we have about time is identifying "yesterday, today and tomorrow".  

We love working with tally marks in kindergarten.  This concept is first introduced on our calendar board.  We will do many activities throughout the year that involve using tally marks.

We also learn a poem about each month of the year.  This is the poem for August.  It is also a song to the tune of "Bingo".

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  1. I'm proud of all the Whiskers for the way that each student has started the school year. I know you'll learn an incredible amount as you work through your calendar activities and centers of all different kinds. I'm so glad that you're sharing what you're doing in this blog!