Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lots of Valentine Fun

Valentines Day was full of love and fun.  The children had a blast delivering their valentines to their classmates' baskets.  And our party was wonderful  We had delicious Love Potion Punch and cute Valentine cupcakes.

The children made valentines for their parents.  But the best part was looking at the valentines.  Here are a few photos of the fun.

It was just such a fun afternoon for everyone.  Thanks you to all of the parents who helped to make the party so special.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reading to Ruby

Ruby is a registered Therapy Dog with Pet Partners through our local affiliate Hand In Paw.

When Ruby visits our classroom, she helps the children with their life and social skills.  She especially enjoys listening to the children read.  Ruby is truly the best motivator in our classroom.  The children enjoy sharing their reading and writing with her.

We have such good readers and a very good listener. 

Some are sure to show her the pictures in the book.

It is fun to watch how serious the children take their reading.

Some of the children become very annimated when reading to her.

I just love how relaxed the children become while reading to her.

Some feel the importance of showing her "new words" they have learned, and the pictures that go with them.

I just love watching the expressions on the children's faces as they read to Ruby.

And I must say, Ruby loves the attention.  

Ruby and I love helping children learn and especially listening to them read!