Friday, August 23, 2013

A Great First Week

Friday is here and as I look back over our first week, I can just tell we are going to have a fantastic year!!!  The children have been settling in our routine and getting acquainted with our school.  We had our Parent Meeting last night.  It was such a pleasure meeting and visiting with you.  I look forward to our school year and getting to know you all better.

Here you will see a little of what was going on in our class this week.

We made our first graph using the poster that is pictured.  We are learning many ways to count.

Take a quick look at a few of our centers we did today.  
Here we have a an activity where the children are matching beginning sounds.

We also lined cupcakes up in ABC order.

At this center the children were building and then looking for the different shapes they used to build the structure.  

Here we have a couple of  more folder games.  This first one the children read the number word and numeral and then place the correct amount of kittens on the mama cats.

This folder game involved placing the cats in numerical order.

We have been talking about words that rhyme with cat.  It was fun reading the words by sliding the letter strip through the cat.

Each day we listen to a story as we read along with the tape / CD.

And this is how we ended our week this afternoon.

Well, we all survived the first week of kindergarten.  So, I would say, we had a fantastic week.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Such a Busy Summer

We are back for another year of kindergarten.  I hada very busy summer working with Hand In Paw.  Ruby and I were on the go visiting Children's Hospital, Brookwood Hospital, the YWCA, St. Martin's In the Pines, and Hill Crest Behavioral Center.  We also participated in a week long animal camp at the Levite Jewis Community Center.  Wemet lots of wonderful people and worked with some amazing Pet Partner Teams.
I also taught a week long Art Camp at the YWCA with three other art teacher friends.  We spent several days doing clay projects.  Larry Gibson, the are teacher at Pizitz Middle School took three of his wheels there for the children to throw on.  It was on of the best experiences I have ever had working with children.

We did work with oil pastels in the style of Georgia O'Keefe.  We took a lot of natural objects there for the children to use for their inspiration.

The third project of the week was doing aquatic scenes using chalk and acrylics on tar paper.  I found this to be so interesting and fun!!I plan to add this to my classroom art projects.

And little Ruby went with us to the camp each day and had a great time getting all that attention from the children.

It was centainly a summer full of service and fun.
Time to go back to school.  Hope this year is full of learning and lots of fun!!