Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our First Graph

We did our very first graph today.  We used this poster of cats to retrieve our information.
Because this was our first we did the activity as a whole class. It was a very good listen and follow direction activity.
here is a close up of the finished graph.

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  1. Wilson's Whiskers,
    I like your graphs! I really like that you labeled the bottom of your graph not only with the color name, but with a cat colored the same as the color name. There are so many questions I could ask about your graphs.

    How many purple cats are there?
    How many more blue cats are there than yellow cats?
    Which colors have three cats?
    How many orange AND green cats total are there?

    Your graphs make the answers to these questions so much easier to answer than looking at the bulletin board with the cats spread out everywhere! Good job!