Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All About Dogs

The first couple of weeks of school we talked about our pets.  The children were invited to bring photos of their pets to class to be displayed in our classroom this year.  I just love to give the children opportunities to have ownership of what we are studying in school.

We also did a "Follow" the Directions " activity during our pet unit.  Using the document camera and the Promethean Board, I would draw something and then the children would copy it.

 I did not tell them what we were drawing.  I wanted them to discover what it was during the process.  And the finished project was a dog!

  Each child told me something about dogs.  I typed it and attached it to their drawings.

 These are displayed on one of our bulliten boards in the hall along with a great poster from The American Kennel Club.  It is such an adorable display of dogs.  Drop by and see them when you are at school.

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