Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Off to a Great Start

We began the new year with a unit on Winter Weather and Staying Warm.  We did a wonderful art activity using watercolors and oil pastels.  We have talked about the illustrations in the books about winter.  One thing we noticed, is that winter books have illustrations created with COO COLORS.  So, when we talked about making our winter illustrations, we also wanted to use COOL COLORS.  The two colors we chose to use were BLUE and PURPLE.  Using watercolor paper, we did a wash of these two colors.

After giving the paper a good wash, we let them dry. After the paintings were dry, we used oil pastels to create a winter scene. 

When all was complete, we displayed the beautiful work on our hall bulletin board so everyone in the school could see what amazing artists we are.  

Isn't it fun to see all the many ways the two colors were used to do the wash.  So different, and yet so pretty.

We had many visitors from our school to stop by our room and comment on these beautiful winter paintings.  Even the art teacher at Pizitz Middle School came over to see them.  He was amazed that kindergartners were the artists!!

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