Monday, October 3, 2011

A Few Fun Moments

here are just a few photos from last weeks centers i thought you  may enjoy.

The children read the numeral on each apple and placed that number of worms in the apple.

This is just a fun way to match shapes by placing the cores on the apples with the corresponding shapes.

Making math "addition" math sentences using picture puzzle cards.

putting the apples in ABC order.  (Notice the apples are in order, but going right to left.)  LOL!

Roll the die and move the correct number of spaces.  These games not just for math skills, but also great for social skills.  learning to "wait your turn, and go in order" can some times be difficult at this age.  

And, who doesn't like to listen to a good story!  Listening is always a favorite center.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of what we did last week.  


  1. some lovely pics of the activities Chatlotte, makes learning fun

  2. Wilson's Whiskers,
    I can tell you are a smart group of students because of the math you are doing in class. My favorite picture is the one in which three of you are making math sentences with picture cards. You can make many kinds of math picture sentences. One day your math sentences will have numbers instead of pictures, but my favorite math sentences will always be picture math sentences!