Monday, April 1, 2013

Hooked On Art

What a fabulous time we had this past Thursday with Becky and Beckie.  We love when they visit our school.  Becky Guinn is a retired art teacher and an accomplished artist.  Ten years ago she was hospitalized with heart problems.  She was givien a blood thinner that she was allergic to and became very ill.  Instead of thinnig her blood, it caused her blood to clot.  Due to this unfortunate reaction to the medication, her hands and feet were amputated to save her life.

Becky told the children that the removal of her hands and feet was a good thing because it saved her life.  What a great lesson for us all on how to deal with life.  Becky continues to paint and is an amazing artist and and inspiration to all she meets.

Thursday, the kindergarten children learned about the life of Georgia O'Keefe and Georgia's artistic style.  After hearing about her, the children did a hand's on art project in the Geprgia O'Keefe style.  Larry Gibson, art teacher at Pizitz Middle School, came to assist our children. He brought three of his advanced art students with him.  The kindergarteners loved having the older girls help them.

After the art lesson and activity,  the children went ouside to see Becky's Hooked On Art van.  Here is the picture of Mrs. Herrin's class and our class at the van.  Pretty cool!!!

We will be finishing the Georgoa O'Keefe projects tomorrow in class.  When they are finished I will post some of the photos here on our class blog.

Have a great week everyone.

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