Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mouse Tales

Hello everyone!  I am so glad you are visiting our classroom today.  We have been very busy doing so many things.   

Here is a little math activity we did during our City Mouse and Country Mouse unit.  We measured the mouse tails with unifix cubes.  We also counted the spots on the mice and wrote the numbers.  

We really enjoyed the book THE TOWN MOUSE AND COUNTRY MOUSE with the gorgeous illustrations by Jan Brett.  It was fun doing a comparison of life in the country and city.  We created a chart showing how life is different and yet the very same in some ways.

Jan Brett has a wonderful website.  Here is a link to her site with activities to THE TOWN MOUSE AND COUNTRY MOUSE.   http://www.janbrett.com/mouse_masks_main.htm

Another great book we read was THE LITTLE HOUSE by Virginia Lee Brown.  This book won the Caldecott Award the year it was published.  

We did an art and writing project about what The Little House saw in the country and city.  They were displayed on one of our hall bulletin boards.


One of our favorite books that we read about the country and city is ROUND TRIP by Ann Jonas.  If you have never read this book, I highly recommend it!

The illustrations show what they saw and did on their way to the city.  

And the very same illustrations show what they saw and did on the way back home.

One day we talked about what we would do if a mouse got in our house.  We did a follow the directions drawing of a mouse.  Then the children told me what they would do if a mouse got in their house.  These were displayed on our large bulletin board.  

Aren't these great!!!

We really had a lot of fun talking about the City Mouse and Country Mouse.  

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